McDonough County Cemetery Markers E-Book

McDonough County Historical Society 

The Cemetery Markers Project


fun way to see all the beautiful photographs

of the 95 cemetery signs

installed by the McDonough County Historical Society

in the past 5 years. 

It is a "page-flipping" way to see the entire project and read all about all of the cemeteries with signs in McDonough County -along with seeing images of people who care about each of these unique historic resting places.  

The e-book contains a photograph of each cemetery sign as well as the story of the cemetery in a press release written when the sign was installed.

The Cemetery Markers Project is coordinated by Gil Belles.

All photographs and press releases by Gil Belles. 


As an on-going project for the past five years, the McDonough County Historical Society locates cemeteries in the county and places a marker at each one, so the cemeteries will not be lost and so that those who came before us will not be forgotten.

A marker has been placed at 95 cemeteries in the county. 

The McDonough County Cemetery Marker Project is a project of

the McDonough County Historical Society, Macomb, Illinois.

The project has been coordinated by Gil Belles

of the McDonough County Historical Society. 

The cemetery markers project is supported by Clugston-Tibbitts Funeral

Home in Macomb and Blandinsville, the Community Quality of Life

Advisory Committee, Dodsworth-Piper-Wallen Funeral Home in Macomb, Table Grove State Bank,MidAmerica National Bank, the McDonough County Highway Department, the McDonough County Genealogical Society and the McDonough County Historical Society.